It's Only A Failure If You Don't Learn The Lesson

My husband, Drew, and I had an incredible opportunity to join Ben Neff on his podcast,

The Prodigal Journey.

{The Prodigal Journey podcast celebrates Christ's power through our weakness! We are all prodigals on a journey towards change}

It was an incredible experience and we enjoyed being able to share about our journey over the past several seasons of life. God has been working in huge ways the past several years in our marriage, opening our eyes to the beauties that He provides. It has not always been easy. It's been tough and it's been messy. We've experienced trials and heartache but the one thing that remained constant was and always will be Christ's never-ending, always present love. Through that love, we have gained the ultimate peace and freedom that can only be found in Christ. On this podcast, we were able to share what that has looked like for us and what God has been teaching us.

We found and continue to find strength in the Lord through our weaknesses. We are so thankful for the most amazing Father that never leaves our sides and loves us unconditionally through every season of life.

Listen to the podcast episode below and don't forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE to The Prodigal Journey to hear more stories from everyday people like you and me.

"It's Only A Failure If You Don't Learn The Lesson" | Drew & Breann Nicholson

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