"Check Mate" & God's Plan

This was at 11:30pm last night.

In this photo, you see a tired husband that's half way through his work week,

trash bags of clothes bagged up to be donated

and an intense game of chess being played.

What you don't see in this photo,

two precious kiddos snuggled up & asleep,

a tired but thankful wife and mother who's trying her best

and the open hands we have as we approach the new season God is leading us into.

As we are led into this new season (less than 30 days now), our life hasn't been put on pause.

We still have responsibilities.

We still have work.

It's not easy but God doesn't always say following Him will be.

Instead of focusing on the chaos and the stress that could build up, we focus on God and His promises. Aa we find time to pack up our things and simplify life, God continues to show us little blessings along the way. And in turn, the enemy is trying to sneak in any way that he can. It's a battle but we find peace and strength through our victor, the Lord. We are trusting the words we hear Him speak and we are walking the path obediently with our hands in His. The enemy's attempts fail and will continue to fail because our faith and hope is in the Lord Jesus and He ALWAYS WINS!!!

(P.S. Drew's chess game is strong and I'm a sore loser.)

{Posted on March 18, 2021}

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